SESSION 1 – “Asian Family Business and Corporate Philanthropy”

Hotel Equatorial, Melaka November 16, 2016 11:00 am - 12:45 pm

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Tan Sri Tan Koon Swan
Dr. Lee Oi Kum
Dr Giovanni Butera
Mr. Jason L. Ma
Mr. Ch’ng Huck Theng
Ms. Lydia Kulik
Ms. Cheri Ong
Mr. Ong Boon Hwee
Dato’ Dr. Jannie Chan

Family businesses have been the mainstay of the private sector in the ASEAN countries. The growing entrepreneurial class in China is also largely based on family-owned businesses. What are the strategies for growth for family-owned businesses? How can family businesses expand and extend their networks? With the growth of family businesses, corporate philanthropy has now become a major trend in China and Southeast Asia? What are the future trends and opportunities for corporate philanthropy?

Panelists: –

  • Tan Sri Tan Koon Swan
    Chairman, Tungling Group, Malaysia
  • Dr. Lee Oi Kum
    Chairman, BarterXchange (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Dr. Giovanni Butera
    Founder & Chairman, The GAIA Project / Managing Director, Nixora Group
  • Mr. Jason L. Ma
    Founder, CEO & Chief Mentor, ThreeEQ Inc., USA
  • Ms. Cheri Ong
    Chair and Founder, Asian Australian Foundation, Australia
  • Mr. Ch’ng Huck Theng
    President, CHT Network, Malaysia
  • Ms. Lydia Kulik
    Managing Director, Business Council for Cooperation with Malaysia (Moscow, Russia)/ former Vice President, SUN Group, India
  • Mr. Ong Boon Hwee
    CEO, Stewardship Asia Centre (SAC), Singapore

Moderator: –

  • Dato’ Dr. Jannie Chan
    Senior Advisor & Co-Founder, The Hour Glass Limited, Singapore

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