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The Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) is Malaysia’s leading independent private Think Tank which is committed to the development of Asian leadership and strategic thinking. ASLI’s vision is to create a better society. ASLI’s mission is to help organizations enhance competitiveness, leadership and strategic capabilities through its public programmes, conferences, publications, policy research, business councils and CEO peer groups.

ASLI provides trusted insight to governments, businesses and the diplomatic community. It also acts as a knowledge channel through interaction and dialogues with leading thinkers and experts.


ASLI’s value propositions are its valuable insight, high-level interaction, thought-leadership and in-depth research studies. We strive to promote an open society where democratic values, open and unconstrained dialogue, honesty and integrity lead the way to change and a better environment for all Malaysians, for all Asians, and for the globe. We believe that open dialogue, honesty and well researched and thought-out arguments can lead to a better society, and our programs and knowledge platforms work towards achieving that vision.


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